How to distribute iPhone app to AppStore

I think that applying iPhone app for Apple AppStore is very confusing comparing to Android Market. So, I summarize the steps here. I wish this would help you to distribute your app to Apple AppStore as well as for me. Continue reading




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誰でも簡単に作れるアンドロイドアプリ作成サービス - iAppThat


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No developer needed to create an Android App.

We developed new mobile app builder. So I want to introduce it here.

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FFmpeg installation

Here is my note for installation of FFmpeg. FFmpeg is mostly used to covert original video and audio to another format.

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Clutter on Mac

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually rich, portable and animated graphical user interfaces. Also, it is a part of Moblin2 platform. I recently installed it on Mac OS X 10.5.8 for a homework of Mobile Linux for Embedded Design and Application Development Course.

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Social Media Marketing Plan

The other day, I made a social media marketing plan about my friend’s iphone app BeatMaster for an assignment of Marketing2.0 class. Here is the marketing plan. I think this application is very useful! Continue reading