How-to of Social Media Program

I read the following wikiHow: How To Develop a Social Media Program for Business

And the how-to is very understandable. So, I pick up some information.

First,  4E is important in Social Media, instead of 4P in marketing.

  • Education Strategy – Enriching your target community’s knowledge with information and resources for them to better understand you.
  • Entertainment Strategy – You create fun, sticky and memorable content that allows them to associate the image or message to your brand or business.
  • Engagement Strategy – Your purpose is to engage the community by recognizing their presence, contributions and inputs.
  • Empowerment Strategy – A space and role is created and provided to your target community to play an active role in what you are doing.

I think that 4p places emphasis on how to reach target customers and convince them of the value of your products/services. On the other hand, 4E focuses on the relationship between your target customers and you or among each customers. So it may be important how to inspire your target customers participate in your Social Media. I also think big fun or very niche are the keyword because there a lot of Social Media nowadays.

Second, measurement, measurement, measurement. This is very vital in order to achieve your objectives. The followings are the categories of measurements.

  • PR/media measurement – Viewing social media as media for their ability to reach an audience.
  • Word of mouth measurement – Viewing social media as online interactions among people.
  • Web analytics – Interested in people’s usage patterns, as both audience and customers.
  • Opinion research – Mining online opinions as the world’s largest focus group.

In addition, the above has meanings relative to the relationship.

  • Strength of relationship (size, quality, relevance of type of activities etc)
  • Degree of familiarity (with your business, brands etc, not just awareness)
  • Degree of efficiency (where and how efficient is your viral logistics)
  • Value creation (are there any?)

Third, I want to add the choice of Social Media according to target customers. If you want to offer some products/services for Japanese, making fan page in facebook is not appropriate. That is because most Japanese people use mixi, instead of facebook. Likewise, you should not use facebook for Brazilian. Therefore, it is important to choose proper Social Media for target customers.


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