Social Media Marketing Plan

The other day, I made a social media marketing plan about my friend’s iphone app BeatMaster for an assignment of Marketing2.0 class. Here is the marketing plan. I think this application is very useful!

Figure1. Beatmaster screenshot

I think about the marketing plan in order of the following:

1. List up resources we can use
2. Purpose of this social media marketing plan
3. Targeted audience
4. Choice of social media(Hub and spoke model)
5. Measurement
6. Schedule and resource assignment

1. List up resources we can use

Our project is consisted of this application creater’s friends. And we still has a website and Youtube videos made by him.

1-1.Human resource
I assume that our team consists of 6 people, names of whose are Yo, Jun, Mike, Tom, Dave and Nick.

A website that Yo wrote in Japanese and English is the following:

1-3.Youtube videos
Some videos are on Youtube.

2. Goals of this social media marketing plan

He sells the application at $4.99. So, the goal of this plan is finally to increase sales of it. Also, to achieve it, I set some milestones on the way to the goal.

Increase of downloads/sales: 200 downloads by the end of this year
(average downloads per month is about 30)

-Increase of impressions to our hub and spoke: 6,000 impressions per month this August
-Increase of users of our hub: 300 user registrations per month this October

3. Targeted audience

Beatmaster offers training tools to people who want to develop the good sense of rhythm in themselves. At this point, our target segments can be people learning music such as students of music schools, amateur singers and amateur musicians. For example, the demographics on audiences of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles ( is 13-17 year-old Hispanic men according to Quantcast ( Also, their parents are our target segment.

4. Choice of social media(Hub and spoke model)

I pick up some social media to reach targeted audiences and to retain them. First, Facebook can be a hub because younger people are included in our target segments and we can easily communicate with them on Facebook. Second, We can increase the visibility of the application with blog and twitter. Third, we can also use Youtube to increase the visibility because we still have some video contents on Youtube. Videos are easily understandable to users on how to use the application. Forth, I can manage some how-to events on Evite and introduce the application on some Meetup about iPhone applications. In addition, I try to create same username in these social media in order to have users recognize as a same author.

On Facebook, we will make a page to promote Beatmaster, to support and to communicate with users. On the page, we try to allow users to access all of photos, videos, events and information about Beatmaster from spokes such as blog, twitter, Youtube and events.

4-2.Blog(current website)
Blog is the best way to increase visibility to public because of SEO. So, we have to pick up some keywords matched to Beatmaster for SEO and to optimize the blog to rank it at the top of search results. We will add a blog feature to the website of Beatmaster which we still have. All blogs are linked to Facebook.

The blog should include:
About Beatmaster and Yo
Purpose of the Blog
Terms of Use
Links to the hub(Facebook) and to other spokes
Email and RSS Feeds
Tags and Categories such as music training and rhythm training
The content of blog can include:
How to use Beatmaster and tips
How to train sense of rhythm and pitfalls
Event reports
Introduction of Youtube videos
Introduction of other useful website and Youtube videos for training sense of rhythm
Development story

We can reach many prospect users via twitter and easily announce some messages to  users. On twitter, it is very important to increase followers in order to reach them and it is very easy to find people interested in music training or rhythm training. Furthermore, it is important to communicate with followers by commenting their tweets, not pushing advertisements. All tweets are linked to Facebook.

Tasks in order to increase followers:
Put the introduction of Beatmaster in bio and url in web.
Search users who tweets about music training and rhythm training.
Search users who has bio information with the comment about music training and rhythm training.
Follow these users.
Key messages:
New blog posts
How-to and tips
News in the market

Videos are very easy tools to illustrate how-to and to connect people searching how-to. Also, we can lead users to Facebook page of Beatmaster. However, although we still have some videos on Youtube we don’t have the page of Beatmaster on Youtube. So, we have to create it with link to Facebook page. It is optional to create a amazing video for word-of-mouth. All contens are linked to the Facebook page.

Videos would be:
How to use Beatmaster and tips
Record of events
Interesting use case

4-5.Event marketing by Evite and Meetup
After we will have a few tens of users, we hold a event with Evite to introduce and lecture how to use Beatmaster. Also, we can join some Meetup about iPhone applications or music to introduce the application. Real events, not virtual makes a lot of opportunities to appeal the presence of it. The events may be held with food and drinks at Japanese restaurant where one of us is working. All events are linked to the Facebook page.

We try to comment in some communities related to music training or rhythm training in order to appeal the application and we try to ask key influencers in the market to write about it. We would be better to research more information about communities and key influencers in the market. Examples of the communities are the following:

Music Learning Community:
Rhythm Explained:
Notation Machine:
Yamaha personal keyboard owner forum:

5. Measurement

We should regularly measure some metrics with tools such as Google Analytics and monitor the reputation of Beatmastr on the internet in order to check our achievement and to tweak our social marketing plan. We would be better to have a regular meeting about twice a month to discuss these measurements and reputations.

5-1.Relevant keywords
It is important to adjust our contents to what users want and what words users are using. It would be measured twice a month.

Understanding from which social media users originate is necessary effectively to invest our resources. It would be measured twice a month.

We should regularly monitor good and bad reputations of Beatmaster on some social medias such as blogs, twitter, facebook and so on. If we find bad reputations, we have to deal with the problem.

5-4.Milestone 1) Impressions of each hub and spokes
As I mentioned, our first milestone is 6,000 impressions per month this August. So, we have to check impressions of each social media at least once a week and after we post blog or tweet.

5-5.Milestone 2) The number of users and Click Through Rate
Our second milestone is 300 user registrations per month this October. So, we regularly have to check the number of users. This is based on the assumption that CTR would be 5 %.

5-6.Milestone 3) The number of downloads and Cost Per Action
Final milestone is 200 downloads by the end of this year or average downloads per month is about 30. We regularly check the number of downloads. This is based on the assumption that CPA is 10 %.

6. Schedule and resource assignment

We schedule the above social media marketing plan. We have 6 members including Yo and divide up these tasks among us as marketing planning sheet shows. Basically, Yo is engaged to create core contents since only Yo can create contents about rhythm training and music training. Other members are engaged in other tasks such as maintenances, research, planning events, measurements, monitoring and preparations of social media platforms. After a half year, if we can make good progress, we would have budget.

6-1.Marketing Plannning Sheet for Beatmaster
Schedule summar

6-2.Frequencies of each social media update
Step1: Facebook page – once a week
Step2: Blog – once two weeks
Step3: Twitter – a few times a day
Step4: Youtube – once a month
Step5: Evite – once a month
Step6: Meetup – once a month/ as needed basis
Step7: Communities – once a week

6-3.Resource assignment
Basically, we put main handler on each social medias and every members support each tasks.
Facebook page – Mike mainly deals with it. Jun support it.
Blog – Yo posts blog contents. Tom prepares for blog platform.
Twitter – Yo tweets.
Youtube – Tom deals with it.
Evite – Jun deals with it.
Meetup – Dave deals with it.
Communities – Nick and Yo deals with it.


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