Clutter on Mac

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually rich, portable and animated graphical user interfaces. Also, it is a part of Moblin2 platform. I recently installed it on Mac OS X 10.5.8 for a homework of Mobile Linux for Embedded Design and Application Development Course.

You can see some Clutter UI demos on YouTube. Their 3D UI are very impressive for me.

Installation of Clutter on Mac is just 2 steps.

  1. Installing Macports
  2. Installing Clutter

1. Installing Macports

The MacPorts is an open-source to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading either command-line, X11 or Aqua based open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. It is like RPM for linux. You can use Mac OS X package installer(.pkg) to install macports. This is very easy step. You can download Clutter on the following site.

2. INSTAlling Clutter

After installing Macports, Macports installs Cluter as the following command.

$sudo port install clutter

The dependent modules are installed automatically by Macports. However, I failed to install db4. That seems to be caused by missing parameter of Java header in Makefile. This link was very useful for me.

I changed it according to the way by jpocom@… <- Thank you very much.

Before:CPPFLAGS= -I$(builddir) -I$(srcdir) -I/opt/local/include
After:CPPFLAGS= -I$(builddir) -I$(srcdir) -I/opt/local/include -I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers

Then you should complete to install Clutter on Mac. The following tutorial is also very useful to use Clutter from beginning.

Good luck!


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