No developer needed to create an Android App.

We developed new mobile app builder. So I want to introduce it here.




We are pleased to announce the launch of our new mobile app company, iAppThat (pronounced “I APP THAT!”), see .
As the name implies, it is a statement in DIY (do-it-yourself) mobile apps, which enables users to convert any content into a real-world Android app.
In most cases, users can make an app and download it to their phone in just one sitting.
The service is completely FREE for basic users, and our easy drag-and-drop UI requires no programming skills, just some creativity and a smartphone.

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to import text, images, audio, and video right into a virtual on-screen phone.
Next, proudly share your app with our SHARE tool to post on Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, or send via SMS.

We offer other advanced features such as:
– convert an entire PDF document into an app, page by page.
– HTML support, create a mobile version of any website.
– Javascript, programmers welcome.

What kind of app can I make with iAppThat?
– Create a cookbook app of your favorite recipes.
– Create your own e-book with dynamic audio / video content.
– Create a tutorial on almost anything: how-to’s, education, reference.
– Create a company brochure, listing your products or services.
– Create a comic strip, picture book, or custom map.
– Create a personal BIO, political, or organizational app.

You can check out some apps that everyday people have made on our What’s Hot page:

What is iAppThat’s PREMIUM service?
For those users who have built a great app and think it is worth selling, we offer a paid service to publish and sell your app on the Android app store, Android Marketplace.
By selling on the app store, your app will be searchable for purchase by every Android phone in the world.
This PREMIUM service is also great for publishers, media providers, or freelance writers who want to monetize their content in the app ecosystem.
A list of FREE vs. PREMIUM features can be found here:

What’s next for iAppThat?
At this time, our app building site only offers support for Android phones.
Coming soon, we will release the ability to offer this service for iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Thank you and Happy App’ing!

iAppThat is a leader in the the mobile app space where individuals with no programming experience can conceive, develop and publish a mobile app.

Contact: Andy Do
2855 Kifer Rd, Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA 95051


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