Recently, I am interested in developing web applications based on studies at UCSC Extension. Here,  I am going to introduce the web applications which I develop. Please feel free to try them out. For sure, I welcome some  suggestions and bug reports.

1. ChatWithFriends
This is a facebook application using PHP, FBML, FBJS and API. You can chat with your multiple friends. Also, check  the blog about ChatWithFriends.

You can chat with your multiple firends!

2. Gayatto (only Japanese)
This is a location based twitter client for Japanese cell phones, using PHP, twitter API, Google Map and some web APIs.

3. iAppThat
This is a web service which allows users without programming skill to create mobile application quickly and easily for free. Please check out blog about iAppThat and try it out.

iappthatmobile application builder

4. iPhone Applications
To study iPhone technologies, I developed some applications:

Geolocation-based Augumented Application:

Simple Game Application with OpenGL:

Surprise Camera:


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